USB Autoscope IV Kit

The USB Autoscope IV kit is designed for displaying, recording, and analyzing signals from pressure and vacuum transducers, and automotive electrical systems.

1450 $

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USB Autoscope IV

The USB Autoscope IV is a new generation of automotive diagnostic oscilloscope and engine analyzer.

900 $

Device holder

Device holder is used to improve the usability of the device.

20 $

DIS Cx 6 capacitive probes

DIS Cx6 is a set of capacitive probes for diagnosing DIS ignition systems. Designed for diagnostics of Distributorless Ignition Systems of 4/6 cylinder engines as well as ignition systems equipped with a distributor.

90 $

Sync synchronization transducer

Sync synchronization transducer is used to synchronize to a cylinder by attaching to a plug wire.

20 $

Cx-M universal capacitive probe

Cx-M universal capacitive probe is used get voltage waveforms from the secondary circuit of unshielded individual coils ignition systems, as well as from systems where the ignition coil is located inside the distributor.

10 $

Lx-M universal inductive probe

Lx-M universal inductive probe is used to get voltage waveforms from the secondary circuit of shielded coils of individual ignition systems, as well as from DIS-ignition coils mounted directly above the spark plugs.

10 $

Spark Gap tester

Spark gap tester is used in place of the spark plug when performing in cylinder pressure transducer testing. Also for ignition system testing.

10 $

Adapter for high voltage extension

Adapter for high voltage extension cable is used during various engine tests. It serves as an adapter for connecting the high-voltage output of the dismantled ignition coil to its spark plug through an additional high-voltage wire.

10 $

Px35 in cylinder pressure transducer

Px35 pressure transducer is designed to assess the engine mechanical condition using an oscilloscope. It allows you to display on the screen of an oscilloscope a waveform of the pressure in the cylinder of an engine in the range -0.85 … + 35 Bar (-14 – 508 psi).

130 $

PxLonger M14 deep well adapter

Px Longer M14 serves as an adapter for installing a Px35 pressure transducer in an engine cylinder with a deep spark plug well.

The Px Longer M14 extension is designed to work with engines with a standard plug thread M14x1.25.

20 $

Dx vacuum transducer

The Dx transducer is designed to obtain the vacuum waveform in the intake manifold of a gasoline engine, low-pressure waveforms in the crankcase and waveforms from exhaust gas flow using an oscilloscope. Designed for vacuum measurement of gases in the range -0.95 … + 0.15 Bar (-14 to 2.2 psi).

90 $

Universal cable (2 pieces)

Universal cable is used for connection to the USB Autoscope IV measuring adapters and / or transducers.

10 $ / pc

Measuring adapter (2 pieces)

The measuring adapter is connected to a universal cable designed for work with USB Autoscope IV devices.

10 $ / pc

Test probe (2 pieces)

Test probe is designed to work with USB Autoscope IV device. This probe has LED illumination of the working area and a standard 4mm male banana end. The miniature dimensions of the probe allow you to reach the most inaccessible places.

15 $ / pc

Needle probe (4 pieces)

The needle probe allows you to connect an oscilloscope or measuring probe to the contacts of the vehicle's electrical equipment.

5 $ / pc

Small crocodile clip (2 pieces)

Small «crocodile» clip is used for connection of the measuring adapter with the vehicle wiring (without damage to the wiring, through the open terminals).

5 $ / pc

Insulation piercing probe (2 pieces)

Insulation piercing test clip is used for piercing wiring when performing tests. Causes minimal damage to the wiring.

10 $ / pc

Probe extension (4 pieces)

Probe extension is used to extend probe reach when needed.

5 $ / pc