CTi-M small current transducer

The CTi-M current transducer is used to obtain a current waveform in a non-contact way in wires with a diameter not exceeding 4 mm.

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CTi-M small current transducer Using of the CTi-M Using of the CTi-M on diesel

CTi-M current transducer is used for in-depth diagnostics of both diesel and gasoline engines. They allow you to measure the waveforms of the control current for diesel injectors, normal and high pressure gasoline injectors, as well as the current in the electrical circuit of various actuators of the engine control system (VVT valve, fuel pressure regulator, fuel flow meter, fuel pump etc).

The CTi-M transducer can work with all automotive oscilloscopes.

Current waveform in the electrical circuit of an inductive diesel fuel injector in a Common Rail system. Current waveform in the electrical circuit of a piezo diesel Common Rail injector
Current waveform in the ignition coil circuit Current in the fuel pressure regulator circuit on a Common Rail system
Current waveform in the electric circuit of a normal gasoline injector The current in the fuel pump circuit at the moment of switching on


Model: CTi-M
Measured current range: –50 A…+50 A
Sensitivity: 100 mV / A
Formula for converting output voltage to current in Amperes: I=U·10
Bandwidth: 0…50 kHz
Working temperature range: -20…80 °C
Supply voltage: 8…15 V
Consumption current: <55 mA
Output voltage range: –5…+5 V
Maximum diameter of the measured conductor: 4 mm
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