CTi-50 small current transducer

The CTi-50 current probe is used to obtain a current waveform in a non-contact way in wires with a diameter not exceeding 4 mm.

150 $

The CTi-50 current clamps are used to measure currents from 10 mA to 50 A. This type of current clamp allows non-contact measurements of AC and DC. The bandwidth of the device is up to 500 kHz. The clamp has one measurement range of 100mV/1A. The clamps are equipped with ZERO button and zero setting LED.

The CTi-50 clamp transducer is designed with ease of use in automotive diagnostics. The compact jaws size makes it easy to connect to the conductor under test in an automotive wiring harness.

To connect the clamps to the USB Autoscope IV devices, use the Universal cable, to connect to the oscilloscopes with a BNC connector, use the XLR-BNC cable.

Appearance: px35 pressure transducer
Model CTi-50
Bandwidth 500 kHz
Measurement range 10 mA - 50 А
Output sensitivity 100 mV/1A
DC accuracy DC: 100 mV/1A: ±2% 10 mA ~ 10 A
Resolution ± 10 mA
Min. load impedance 1 MOhm
Signal delay <150 ns (1A)
Maximum measurable current 50 A
Maximum operating voltage 300 V DC or 220 V AC
Maximum conductor diameter 4 mm
Supply voltage 12V DC
Current consumption 70 mA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 144x31x23mm
Weight 70 g
Output connector type: XLR MALE
Output connector pinout: 1: Output, 2: GND, 3: +