PD-6 piezo transducer

PD-6 piezo transducer used to detect pressure pulses in diesel engine fuel rails. Suited for 6…8 mm fuel line.

90 $

PD-6 piezo transducer Connection of the piezo transducer

Piezo transducer is used to receive synchronization pulses with the moment of fuel injection on diesel engines with mechanical fuel injectors (not equipped with electronic control). The transducer registers the fact of a short-term microscopic expansion of the high-pressure fuel line (through which the fuel is pumped to the mechanical injector of cylinder #1), which occurs at the moment of fuel injection.

Transducer PD-6 is used when performing a comprehensive check of the engine and its control system for uneven rotation of the crankshaft, measured by the CKP signal using the CSS script. The pressure pulsation transducer is needed here in order to provide the possibility of obtaining a synchronization signal with the moment of fuel injection cylinder 1.

The PD-6 sensor is designed for installation on a fuel wire with a diameter of 6…8 mm.

The signal from the transducer must be connected to the input of the automotive oscilloscope through the charge amplifier Piezo Amplifier.

Piezo waveform Zoomed