Lx-M universal inductive probe

Lx-M universal inductive probe is used to get voltage waveforms from the secondary circuit of shielded coils of individual ignition systems, as well as from DIS-ignition coils mounted directly above the spark plugs.

10 $

Lx-M universal inductive probe is used to test COP ignition systems equipped with rod-type ignition coils.

Lx-M probe equipped with the PIN2 connector can only be used together with USB Autoscope IV, USB Autoscope Lite or DIS Adapter.

Lx-M probe converts the inductive signal caused by the high voltage circuit of the ignition coil into a voltage pulse that is then displayed on the oscilloscope screen.

Due to the variety of ignition coils with different designs, it should be noted that the Lx-M probe cannot determine the exact voltage at which the ignition spark occurs, but it can be used for comparative analysis between different cylinders to determine which cylinder is not working properly.

The length of the Lx-M universal capacitive probe cable is 1.8 m.

Precautions before use:

Keep wires and adapters away from moving and rotating parts.

Keep wires and adapters away from the exhaust manifold.