Sync synchronization transducer

Sync synchronization transducer is used to synchronize to a cylinder by attaching to a plug wire.

20 $

A sync probe is used in almost all measurements and tests on any gasoline engine. ts signal allows you to determine the beginning and end of the complete cycle of the cylinder #1.

This probe is usually attached to the spark plug wire of cylinder number one, or, if different, the timing cylinder.

COP (Coil-On-Plug) ignition systems are, with a few exceptions not equipped with plug wires. To attach the Sync probe, we recommend using one of the ignition wires from the kit.

The length of a Sync probe cable is 1.8 m.

Precautions before use:

Keep wires and adapters away from moving and rotating parts.

Keep wires and adapters away from the exhaust manifold.