COP Adapter USB Autoscope IV

COP Adapter (Coil-on-Plug adapter) is intended for diagnostics of ignition systems using an oscilloscope. It allows you to display on the screen of an oscilloscope voltage pulses in the secondary circuits of all individual ignition coils of a modern gasoline engine at the same time, together with the synchronization signal of the first cylinder.

80 $

The COP Adapter is designed to work with vehicles equipped with up to 8 ignition coils.

For convenience, the adapter can be equipped with:

  • Lx4 probes - for diagnostics of up to 4 coils,
  • Lx8 probes - for diagnostics of up to 8 coils.

Inductive probe of the cylinder #1 is black; it must always be installed on the coil of cylinder number one, or the timing cylinder.

Switches are used to reverse the polarity of the signal.

This allows you to select the same polarity for pulses from all ignition coils, so that it is more convenient to evaluate and compare the signals from each of the ignition coils.

The potentiometer is used to adjust the signal gain.

The COP Adapter comes with a connecting cable to work with the USB Autoscope IV. COP adapter connects to the Ignition input located on the back side of the USB Autoscope IV.

It should be noted that due to the variety of ignition coil designs, the COP probe does not measure the absolute voltage values at which the ignition spark occurs. It is used for comparative analysis between different cylinders to determine which cylinder or cylinders which is/are not working properly.

The probe of the cylinder number one uses two of the oscilloscope channels.

In the first channel, it displays the ignition pulse, along with other probes.

In the second channel, it displays the sync pulse.

This allows all cylinders to be identified.