APPA36T large current transducer

The APPA36T current transducer is used for non-contact measurement of electric current in the battery, starter, generator circuits, as well as for measuring the current of diesel glow plugs. They have two measuring ranges: ± 100 A and ± 600 A.

120 $

APPA36T large current transducer Connection of the APPA36T Current graph when starting the engine

The USB Autoscope software automatically analyzes the current waveform. The analysis algorithm is called the ElPower script, and is designed to diagnose the vehicle's starting and power supply systems, as well as to measure the relative compression in the cylinders of gasoline and diesel engines. The transducer allows you to check the characteristics and condition of these and other vehicle components and systems:

  • battery;
  • glow plugs of a diesel engine;
  • starter;
  • relative compression in the engine cylinders;
  • alternator

This test can also be performed on vehicles with an on-board voltage of 24 V.

The analysis results are presented in an easy-to-understand form. The ElPower script generates several report tabs, where it displays a number of measured and calculated characteristics of system components. It also provides an assessment of the consistency of the battery characteristics with the characteristics of the starter. If it detects any deviations or malfunctions, the script automatically displays the appropriate messages.

Current waveform in the electrical circuit of an inductive diesel fuel injector in a Common Rail system. Current waveform in the electrical circuit of a piezo diesel Common Rail injector
Engine starting and charging system test ElPower Relative compression testing