The kits are optimally balanced, and allows not only to check any car signals, but also perform advanced testing of ignition systems, cylinder-piston group, timing system, engine intake and exhaust systems.

USB Autoscope Devices

The USB Autoscope devices, 8-channel automotive diagnostic oscilloscope and engine analyzer.

Ignition System Diagnosing

Here are various adapters and sensors to test any ignition system. Can work with almost all models of automotive oscilloscopes

Gasoline engine diagnosis

This category includes engine analysis with pressure transducer and vacuum diagnostics. Pressure diagnostic tools allow fast and accurate testing of many automotive systems. Using the Px script helps you to see a fantastic automatic analysis of the pressure transducer signal.

Diesel engine diagnosis

This category includes engine analysis with piezo transducers used to detect pressure pulses in diesel engine fuel rails and low / large current transducers

Connection cables and accessories

Connection cables used for connection to the USB Autoscope measuring adapters and transducers.

USB Autoscope kits, devices and accessories