8-channel Autoscope IV Pro (Standard Kit)

This kit is based on the Autoscope Pro engine analyzer. It contains the most advanced oscilloscope/engine analyzer from our series of 8-channel analyzers. Input characteristics are as follows:

1…4 inputs ±30 V
5, 6 inputs ±300 V
7, 8 inputs built-in ignition adapter

This kit is optimally balanced, and allows not only to check any car signals, but also perform advanced testing of ignition systems, cylinder-piston group, timing system, engine intake and exhaust systems.

The capabilities of the kit can be expanded, adding necessary sensors, cables, adapters …

Content PCS
USB Autoscope IV 1
Device holder 1
Universal cable 2
Measuring adapter 2
Needle probe 4
Small alligator clip 2
DIS Cx 6 capacitive probes 1
Sync synchronization transducer 1
Cx-M universal capacitive probe 1
Lx-M universal inductive probe 1
Px35 high pressure (in cylinder) transducer -0.9…+35 Bar 1
PxLonger deep well adapter for high pressure (in cylinder) transducer M14x1.25. Length 145 mm 1
Spark Gap high voltage spark gap tester 1
Dx vacuum transducer -0.95…+0.15 Bar 1
Insulation piercing probe 2
Probe extension 4
Adapter for high voltage extension 1
Test probe 2