CSS script Common errors

If you encounter any difficulty while working with the USB Autoscope or with its scripts, this does not necessarily mean that you should inform the developers about it. There is a high probability that a similar situation has already been discussed on the technical forum forum.injectorservice.com.ua, and in order to solve the problem that you have come across, the solution may very well be found by simply reading the relevant topic. This will give developers more time to further develop the product. If you cannot find any information, open up a new topic and ask the question.
There may sometimes be situations the way out of which cannot be found using the forum. In this case, you should write an email to support@injectorservice.com.ua. But it should be noted that in this case only those emails will be considered in which the features of the operation of the device and its software are discussed. Emails asking about vehicle repairs will not be considered, since the forum works for this purpose.

Try selecting a different part of the oscillogram from idling

The CSS script displays this message when the user has turned on the recording of signals before starting the engine, while according to the instructions, the recording should be started while the engine under test is idling.

In this case, it is not necessary to repeat the test. It is enough to select a portion of the signals before starting the script, which then will start from the section corresponding to the engine idling. In this case, the script will analyze only the selected area. To do this, call the menu "Display => Switch to oscillograms view" - you will see the signals recorded at the very beginning of the test. And since the engine was not working at that moment, you will see horizontal lines instead of the expected signals. Now, for better clarity, set the value of the parameter "Horizontal Scale" equal to "1: 400" or "1: 500".

Using the horizontal scroll arrow, find the recording area where the crankshaft sensor pulses appear - this is the moment when the engine is started. Move a few more seconds later to the area where the pulse repetition rate of the crankshaft sensor becomes constant - this is the engine idling. From this point, you should begin to select a portion of the signals. To do this, move the mouse pointer to the waveform display area, press the left mouse button and without releasing it, move the pointer to the extreme right edge of the screen - after that, the window will start to scroll. Keep the left mouse button pressed until you see the recording area on the screen where the signals disappear. Now release the left mouse button and start signal analysis again.

Unstable synchro spark signal

Found insufficient number of synchronization pulses (sparks)

These CSS script messages indicate that synchronization pulses with the ignition timing in cylinder #1 are insufficient in amplitude and action should be taken to improve the quality of the synchronization signal.

If we are talking about a gasoline engine, then usually the cause of this error is a faulty high-voltage cable of the cylinder #1. In this case, move the synchronization probe from the high-voltage wire of the cylinder #1 to the high-voltage wire of any other cylinder; when doing this please do not forget to specify the "Synchronization cylinder number" parameter correctly at the moment when you start the script.

If we are talking about a diesel engine with electronically controlled fuel injectors, then, most likely, you made a mistake with the choice of the wire on which the small current transducer should be installed. This usually happens when the transducer is connected from the side of the engine control unit, and a wire that goes to several injectors at once is in the grip of the clamp by mistake. In order to prevent such errors, it is recommended to install the transducer near the electrical connector of the diesel fuel injector, keeping in mind that by gripping the clamp, grasp only one of the wires coming to the injector connector.

Found insufficient number of teeth

This CSS script message indicates a problem with the engine speed signal. In such a situation, you should make sure that you are not mistaken with the choice of the wire from which you record the crankshaft sensor signal, and the reliability of the electrical connections.

Not detected falling engine speed

Calibration of crankshaft reluctor is not carried out

These messages indicate that the CSS test execution method was violated during signal recording. Record the signals again, strictly adhering to the recommendations of the standard method.

Crankshaft sensor synchronization error or synchronization transducer error

This error occurs if the "Firing order" or "Synchro on cylinder" parameters were incorrectly set in the CSS script configuration window. Re-run signal analysis and adjust the configuration window correctly.

Incorrect parameter...Try to set a parameter...

This message is displayed when the CSS script encounters incorrect data entered into the configuration window. Restart signal analysis and correctly configure the parameter indicated in the message in the configuration window.

An outdated version of Windows is installed on your computer

This message is displayed by CSS script if the version of Windows installed on your computer is lower than Windows 7. In this case, some of the functionality of the CSS script will be unavailable.

Is Adobe Flash Player ActiveX installed on your computer?

The «Phase» tab of the CSS script display the signal's color scale; the "Valve timing" tab of the Px script displays an animation of the valve timing. This functionality is displayed using Adobe Flash Player ActiveX. If this ActiveX component is not installed on your Windows, the script will display a corresponding message.

It should be noted that from 31.12.2020 Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player, and from 12.01.2021 it began to block the launch of Flash Player content in current versions of operating systems. In this regard, the display of the color scale of the CSS script and the animation of the valve timing of the Px script are now also disabled. Solution: forum.injectorservice.com.ua/

An unexpected error occurred. Recall the "Analysis - Execute script" menu

In this case, simply rerun the signal analysis.

An unexpected error occurred. Please, send the waveform file to developers via the menu

This message is displayed if the script was unable to determine the cause of the error. Problematic waveform files allow the developer to improve script algorithms and prepare new versions of them.