8-channel Autoscope IV Pro (Standart Kit)

This kit is based on the Autoscope Pro engine analyzer. It is an advanced version of the device from the series of eight channel analyzer engines. Input characteristics are as follows:

1…4 inputs ±30 V
5, 6 inputs ±300 V
7, 8 inputs built-in ignition adapter

This kit is optimally balanced, and allows not only to check any car signals, but also perform advanced testing of ignition systems, cylinder-piston group, timing system, engine intake and exhaust systems.

The capabilities of the kit can be expanded, adding necessary sensors, cables, adapters …

Name PCS
USB Autoscope IV 1
Device holder 1
Universal cable 4
Measuring adapter 4
Needle probe 4
Small alligator clip 2
DIS Cx 6 capacitive probes 1
Sync synchronization transducer 1
Cx-M universal capacitive probe 1
Lx-M universal inductive probe 1
Px35 high pressure (in cylinder) transducer -0.9…+35 Bar 1
PxLonger deep well adapter for high pressure (in cylinder) transducer M14x1.25 1
Spark Gap high voltage spark gap tester 1
Dx vacuum transducer -0.95…+0.15 Bar 1
Insulation piercing probe 2
Probe extension 4